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We're collecting a bit of information on what our Angels have liked, not liked and would be excited to see in the coming months!
What best describes your relationship to beer?

How many beer/beverage related events do you attend a month?

What influences the events you DO attend?

How did you hear about Barley's Angels Toronto Chapter?

Have you attended a Barley's Angels Toronto Chapter event in the past?

Which of the following  Barley's Angels events have you attended?

If you haven't been to an event, why not?

Overall, how would you rate the quality of the following activities we engage in?

Monthly Pub Nights

Special Events


Social Media

Membership Perks

Overall, how satisfied have you been with Barley’s Angels?

We're planning a store full of cool swag! Which of the following would you be interested in purchasing?

Would you recommend Barley's Angels Toronto to a friend? Why/Why not?

Are you a card carrying member of Barley's Angels Toronto Chapter? *

What was your primary reason for joining Barley’s Angels?

What suggestions do you have to improve Barley’s Angels?

Which category below includes your age?

What area do you live in Toronto?

How would you prefer to hear from Barley's Angels?

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